Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Julia's Engagement and Family Presentation

This last weekend, Julia celebrated her marriage engagement, and I was blessed to be a part of this special event. The family of the future groom, Sergio, was invited to meet the family of the future bride.

Julia, on the left, discussed food preparations with her sister, in the middle, and Maria, from the church in Kongoloti, on the right.

Maria peeled the garlic

I seasoned the chickens

Zinha did her work with her baby on her back.

Julia had asked me if I would take pictures of this special event, so after I helped with some of the food preparation, there was a mad rush to "get Aimee presentable" so that I could be the "photographer" for the ceremonies.

Julia's family entered the house to present themselves to Sergio's family.

Julia changed into a beautiful dress

After the presentations, the two families then ate together. An uncle of the future groom insisted that the "photographer" be in one of the pictures. And even though I didn't eat inside with the core family members, the uncle said that a plate of food should be put on my lap for the here's the "photographer" with someone else's food :)

After the meal, groups of family and friends sang and danced while presenting gifts to the future bride.

Some of them gave gifts of food.

Julia and her future sister-in-law were wrapped in capulanas.

Then the groom, Sergio,  arrived with his family and friends.

Julia changed her clothes one more time for the evening meal and presentation ceremony. Julia's parents were presented to Sergio, Julia, and Sergio's family.

The whole group at the end of the night, a very special event in Julia's life.