Friday, May 28, 2010

4th Trip to Gaza and Inhambane

 Together with Pastor Abel, and this time with my dear friend Mama Isabel, we've just come back from another week serving in the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane.

Me and Mama Isabel 

Pastor Abel taught the Chronological Bible Storytelling, and I led a Bible study for new believers called Nova Vida (New Life).

Fifteen local church leaders participated, some coming from very long distances.

After the two days of training sessions, we visited the different church groups in their areas.

In Bangusa, as we were visiting the lady who has the church in her house, several women from a neighboring area happened to come by selling peanuts (above). 

We all had a time of singing, and I was able to share about the woman who was healed after she reached out in faith to touch the robe or "capulana" of Jesus. 

The women asked for prayer and expressed the desire to come again to hear the Word of God. What a joy!

Some of the young students from Bangusa.

There's a very long dirt road that goes through Bangusa and since there are some village schools in this area, the road is often filled with students going to and from school. 

As we were driving back that day, I was shocked to hear a group of young students on the road shout out, "Irma Aimee!" We found out that they were part of the church group. What a blessing :) 

Two precious children of Bangusa