Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Learning, Leading, and Laughing Together

Fatima and I have been meeting every week to prepare for the Chronological Bible study we're doing with women in Chamanculo.

We read the Bible story and discuss it, and then we go to the church in Chamanculo to sing, tell the story, memorize a Bible verse, and pray together.

As Fatima continues to learn how to read, I continue to learn how to speak...

We've had some laughs at some of my Portuguese linguistic errors...

While telling Fatima the story of Noah and the flood, I said that, "God sent a great smell upon the earth!"

flood - cheia
smell - cheira

While telling Fatima the story of Abraham's obedience to God, even being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, I said that, "as Abraham lifted the big fork to slay his son, God called out for him to stop."

knife - faca
fork - garfu

I praise God for Fatima's faithfulness and grace as we learn, lead, and laugh together :)