Monday, June 14, 2010


The leader of the church in Chamanculo, Jorge, got married this past weekend. 

I picked up Irmao Jorge, the one in the suit, and the other family members from his home on Saturday morning.

I noticed a new "short-term pet" in the yard...he was to play an important role in the wedding reception meal.

After the wedding ceremony on Saturday, there was a church service on Sunday, and then the special meal at the groom's home. The women from the Bible study that Fatima and I are doing in Chamanculo invited me to help with the cooking!

All the cooking was done in Pastor Jorge's yard, and at times there were five cooking fires going at the same time...most of us were crying from all the smoke.

I worked alongside of my good friends Fatima (right) and Victoria (left).

As my right hand stirred, my left hand clenched my tissues to wipe away my smoky tears...

The bride and groom came into the yard accompanied by singing and dancing.

The bride, Virginia, symbolically carried a basin on her head, showing that she was now the working woman of the house.

The bride's family came to offer many useful wedding gifts.

Then groups of us came in to sing and dance and present our gifts.

I made a new dapper friend...Leo.

Fatima and I in the smoke...she was smart to close her eyes.
But the day's work with runny nose and watery eyes was well worth it!