Saturday, September 15, 2018

Past and Present Blessings

In 2015, Anabela, from the church in Kongoloti, had a baby and named her Aimee. 

Aimee - 2015

Aimee - 2016

Aimee - 2017

Aimee - 2018
What a joy to see little Aimee, with her mom and grandma, this last week!  

In 2015, Tina and Carlos gave me the gift of naming their new baby - Josue Nydango.

Josue -2016

Josue - 2018
What a special visit with my beloved Nydango family this last week!

In 2006, I spent a summer learning about culture and language through cooking and conversation with Candida, and her son Paulito.
At the end of that summer, 11 year-old Paulito, made me a special hook rug from a rice sack inscribed with Philippians 4:13 in Portuguese (below).

"Posso todas as coisas naquele que me fortalece."
(I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.)

This last week, I shared a word of encouragement with the Palavra Viva church in the area of T-3. 

After the service, a young man approached me and asked if I remembered was Paulito!
Paulito (now 23 and looking very serious here) is a part of this church, and he serves on the worship team playing the keyboard. To see him after 12 years, and hear that he's walking with God, made me smile.

The Snowden family (here with Luana and me), who visited us in California last year, is now in Mozambique!

This family would appreciate prayer as they work on language and culture learning here. 

Together, we attended the wedding reception of Plionasmo.

Mats are put down to honor the newly married couple as they enter the tent. 

It's customary to sing a song when giving a gift. Here we are singing and presenting our gifts!

Thank you for praying for me during this time in Mozambique! 

God allowed me to renew my visa, as well as visit, encourage and pray with many people from my Mozambican and missionary family. 


I so appreciate your continued prayer for my health and my return to Mozambique in God's time.