Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Quissico, Cala, Nyamajeho

So thankful to visit my house in Inhambane.

I traveled from Maputo with my colleagues, Paulo and Fernanda.

Fernanda helped so much in the house cleaning, preparing meals, and helping me to process through everything.  

Besides killing countless cockroaches, Paulo fixed many things, and he spent special time with Jaime, who has been watching over the house. 

The front garden, where Jaime has planted tomatoes, pumpkin leaves, cabbage, and lettuce. 

In Quissico, it was special to visit with many of my dear neighbors, like grandma Lila, to hear how they're doing and let them know how I'm doing. 

It was good to pray for each of my neighbors. 

With Cidalia and her precious family. 

While Fernanda made tasty Brazilian beans and rice, Cidalia pounded out peanuts and I shaved coconuts for the sauce for the wild chicken we'd been given by another neighbor.

Using my coconut shaving muscles again!

Jaime picked some lettuce from the house garden for our salad. 

We drove to Cala to visit the women from the church.

I prayed for them and shared about God's faithfulness and the great works He wants to do in and around us in the midst of our suffering. 

We also went to visit the women in Nyamajeho.

One of the women,whom Ermelinda and I had be discipling and who was baptized in 2016, passed away this year. We sang and prayed, and I encouraged and reminded them about the hope of eternity that God offers us in Jesus.  

Since I spoke only in Portuguese, they teased me about how many words in the Txitxopi language I had forgotten.

On our way back from Cala to Quissico, we spotted a hippo in the lake. It was fun to see...from the safety of the car...but of course the hippos cause a lot of problems for the people here because they eat and trample the crops from the family fields during the night.

It's a bit far, but right at the beginning of this video, you can hear the hippo opening his big mouth.